keyword research
Keyword Research

Keywords, also known as Search Terms, are words or phrases a user enters into a search engine's query box. A results page is then shown with websites that the search engines deem relevant to the search term. Hence, the importance of researching and finding the correct keywords for your website and industry.

Keyword Research is the first and most crucial job to be done before putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) in writing content for your website.

Finding the right keywords and sprinkling them throughout your web page is what will drive the right type of visitors to your site. Use the wrong keywords and you may still get visitors, but not the right ones and not the type that will convert into customers.

Don't be misled into thinking you know what users will be searching for. You may know the obvious words for your industry e.g. carpet cleaning, but you'd be surprised at what some people search for e.g. red wine spillage on new carpet!


keyword research

What we do

Using our comprehensive keyword research software, our strategy is simple but effective;

  • We find a number of appropriate keywords and keyword phrases for your industry.
  • We check to see how competitive the keywords are e.g. how often the keyword is searched for compared to how many other websites there are using that keyword.
  • If a keyword, or keyword phrase looks too competitive, we exclude it from our list. There is little point in trying to rank high for a keyword that larger companies may well be paying Google for to be high on the list (this is known as pay-per-click.) Far better to find a number of keyword phrases that have less searches, but will still send traffic to your website.
  • Keywords are passed on to yourselves to be incorporated in the content of your pages and we will use these words in the titles of pages and headings to promote the keywords further. We will also use these keywords in special tags in the coding of your website called Meta Tags and Alt Tags. These are important tags which the search engines look for in order to understand what your website is about and show it to relevant searchers.


Keyword research requires time and effort but is worth every minute spent and should not be overlooked at any cost.

With the right keywords in place, your website stands in good stead to be approved by the search engines as relevant to your industry and will be rewarded by high rankings.


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