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The use of videos on your website is a great website marketing strategy and can attract lots of visitors to your website who wouldn't ordinarily have found your website.

The popularity of video marketing is increasing with YouTube now being used in most homes for a variety of reasons, from finding out tips on how to use your mobile phone to learning how to play the piano.

youtube advertisingYouTube advertising and Video Marketing together bring the best of both worlds;
A quick way of uploading your video and the potential for many extra customers.

Whilst the thought of putting yourself in front of a camera may seem a bit daunting at first (it certainly did to me!), just remember that all you are doing is talking about a topic you are experienced in and have a great deal of knowledge - knowledge that many others would appreciate being passed on!

It's also a great way of updating your website without having to write anything!

The set up costs are very low - a camcorder and a YouTube account is all you need.
The videos are easy to put onto your website (good to know if you have a Wordpress website and are updating your website yourself!).

Internet Video Marketing is favoured by the search engines and you will find your videos being shown regularly on page one and two of Google (with a little optimisation of course!).

To understand fully the power of video marketing, have a look at the video below.
I interview a successful video marketer on the benefits of using video as a website marketing strategy.

The video is 9 and a half minutes long. Or you can read the highlights below.


Benefits of Video Marketing

Very easy to do.
Low investment
Easy to rank high with videos
Allows you to connect with people
Great for people who don't like to write
Since Mike started using videos, his Stonecare TV site has attracted 20,000 visitors in 9 months! Visitors that wouldn't have found his business otherwise.

Choosing Topics for Videos

Talk about individual services offered initially. Then, as more people see the videos and ask questions, use these questions as new topics for subsequent videos.

Flip Camera Video Marketing Equipment

Mike uses and recommends the Flip Camera Mino HD Camcorder (older versions are available at half-price!)
Our US friends can see the Flip Camera Mino in action here
Video editing software - iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.
Optional lighting - Mike used builders lights to begin with!

How to Get Flip Cam Videos onto Website

Import video into editing software and add intro/ending.
Upload to YouTube (you need to open an account first).
Copy code under "Embed Code" section on YouTube page. P
aste where you want video to show. (you can easily change the size of the video to fit.)
To show video to selected people (in a member's area for example) use Vimeo to host video - offers more privacy settings.

Advice to New Video Marketers

Video everything you do in your business! What you do in your day, what goes on in your office - everything.
You've always got content then and can go back to it at a later date if needed.
Just Do It! Get out of your comfort zone and enjoy a new experience!



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