competitor analysis

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors.
To stay one step ahead of your competitors, you need to know what elements of their website are successful, then emulate and expand on it.

Competitor analysis is the next important stage of Search Engine Optimisation after the Keyword Research has been completed.


competitor analysis

What we do

Our Competitor Analysis Programme provides a wealth of information on your competitors including;

  • The age of the website
  • The Page Rank of the website
  • The number of incoming links and the Page Rank of those links
  • Whether your competitors have high quality links from education or government sites
  • The directories which your competitors are listed in
  • Whether they are listed in the all important directories such as Yahoo and Dmoz
  • Where keywords are placed in your competitors website
  • Which keywords they are using to link to other pages

And much, much more!

By understanding how your competitors have achieved authority and high rankings, we are able to implement a specific strategy in order for your website to be better placed, thus presenting your website to your potential customers above your competitors.

competitor analysis
Additional Competitor Analysis

To fully understand your competitors position in your industry, we have additional procedures within our Competitor Analysis Programme to give us a thorough evaluation and ascertain how your competitors are well positioned in the search results pages.

The areas we focus on are Marketing Analysis and Website Analysis which gives us a complete overview of your competitors position within the search pages;

Marketing Analysis

What format are your competitors using to communicate with viewers?
Depending on the industry you are in, decide whether you can adopt a friendly and personal approach or if you need to be more formal and informative.

What images are being used to represent the company?
Small, family run businesses may add personal photographs, possibly of staff members or in some format related to their business. Images can convey silent messages to viewers of professionalism and should be chosen wisely.

Is it easy to contact the company?
Contact details need to be on every page of the website and prominently placed to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to get in touch. Multiple contacts work best - telephone number, mobile number (if appropriate), fax number, email address, business address (if appropriate).

Are there testimonials on the website?
Viewers will feel more confident about a company if they can read testimonials from happy clients - even better if they can see a video testimonial!


Website Analysis

Does the website load quickly in the browser?
Some websites are laden down with huge graphics and pop-up windows which slow down the time it takes to load. Google frowns upon slow-to-load websites and many visitors won't wait for the website to load.

Is the website easy to navigate round?
Potential customers need to be able to find required information within three clicks. Any more and they will leave the site in search of another, easier to navigate round website. Pages need to be labelled simply and accurately, which each page serving a purpose. Navigation needs to be consistent throughout the site.

Is the content easy to understand?
We live in a jargon-talking world! But if visitors cannot understand the terminlogy used on websites, however impressive it may sound, they will not convert into customers.

Is the website easy on the eye?
Sounds basic but wacky colours and zany images flying across the screen will not entice visitors to stay very long. Websites have around 8 seconds to make a lasting impression on a visitor before they decide whether to stay on the website or go in search of another, easier to read website. Every visitor needs to have a pleasant experience.

Is the website well presented?
Images should be of good quality and well positioned throughout the site. Content should be laid out in easy to read chunks. Pages should flow naturally and follow on from each other without readers feeling as if they are jumping around from page to page.


Following our comprehensive competitor analysis, we put together a detailed strategy, tailor-made for your company and aimed at directing the right type of visitors to your site.


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