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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a term that describes the use of social networks, online communities, blogs, wikis or any other online collaborative media for marketing and sales.

Examples of Social Media sites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+.

Many websites today are interactive with their visitors with the explosion of Facebook and Twitter, allowing businesses to reach out to different type of internet user - the socialiser!

Social Media Marketing allows businesses to be more personal in their communication to readers, whilst at the same time, building up a credible reputation in their chosen field.

Facebook in particular is one Social Media site your small business definitely needs to be on and there has never been a better time to get more social!

With more than 500 million active users and 50% of active users logging in to Facebook every day for around 55 minutes, the potential to reach out to new customers is immense.

Facebook FanPages can be set up to make your small business look like a mini-website of its own.

The average user has 130 friends which means every time someone 'Likes' your page, you page is being shown to all their friends as a recommendation. This is rinsed and repeated and suddenly, you have hundreds more visitors to your FanPage which in turn links to your website.

Get people to comment on your status and this will show in their friend's feed too, making your business suddenly go viral, reaching out to many more potential customers.

Offer a free report or free gift in exchange for their email address and you begin to build up a subscribers list that you can then regularly email to, offering your services or products.

Twitter and YouTube feeds can also be incorporated into FanPages.
This compliments your FanPage and helps towards transforming a basic looking FanPage into a mini-website.
With all your Social Media activities in one place, your readers can really get to know what your business is all about and this in turn instills trust in people who will then feel comfortable purchasing from you.

Social Media marketing and in particular Facebook has massive potential for creating extra exposure to your business and attracting new customers.

We now offer a Social Media Package which encompasses the top 5 Social Media sites.
It is designed to maximise the opportunities that all 5 Social Media sites have to offer, making sure all sites are set up correctly and drive traffic to your website.

See what's included in our Social Media Package and stay one step ahead of your competitors!

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Blogging is also becoming increasingly popular with businesses as this is a great way of keeping readers updated with the latest events within your business and at the same time, allowing readers to comment.

Many businesses set up blogs and have them linked in to their main website to create extra traffic to their site. The more platforms used to write about a website, the more pages the search engines can rank the site for.

Video Marketing - YouTube is fast overtaking Google for search requests and brings along another type of customer - one who would rather see than read! More and more internet users are turning to researching and learning by watching videos and tutorials.

YouTube is an excellent platform for educating readers in your particular industry, and will also move you up the ranking ladder very quickly.

Talk about your day, an event that is coming up in your company, a special offer, testimonials from clients - the list is endless.

The world of Social Media Marketing is expanding daily and is a fast way to achieve high rankings and gain credibility for your company and website. Many Social Media sites are interlinked which means they will feed information posted on one site to others. e.g. post a video on YouTube and it will be shown on your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn page, thus saving valueable time!

We can advise on how to set up and manage accounts with Social Media sites - Contact us here.



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